she/her ♛ 20 ♛ lit+/adv one v ones


✧ ava | 20 | she/her | lgbt

✧ october 27th. (scorpio ☀, gemini ☾, gemini ⇡)

→ college student. relatively average schedule, i have a decent amount of free time for writing & ooc chatter but i'm not online 24/7, especially during the day.

→ i've been roleplaying for about 8+ years now. most of that has been spent on forums (shoutout to neopets ogs) but i do have a decent amount of experience with one on one roleplay.

roleplay preferences

→ i'm willing to write with pretty much anyone (18+ only) except cis men. sorry, i'm just not super comfy with it. in that vein, not all plots have to involve lgbt characters, but i won't write with anyone who isn't lgbt-friendly.

→ i'm open to writing both originals and fandoms! usually, for fandom-based roleplay i prefer canon/canon, but i'm open to oc/oc in some universes. i'm not a fan of canon/oc pairings or doubling, sorry!

→ i prefer replies to be 400+ words, but i'm willing to go up to novella length. i typically reply 2-3 times a week, but i don't mind if you take longer, so long as you check in if you'll be absent for longer than 2 weeks or so!

→ pairing wise, i prefer m// and f// ships, but i'm okay with m/f pairings in some plots so long as you don't insist on playing ONLY characters of one specific gender.

→ i'm okay to write over almost any platform (email, gdocs, discord servers, etc.) but being able to chat ooc is something i prefer. we don't have to be in constant contact! i'm not on discord for most of the day. it's just so much easier for plotting.

→ i'm open to purely sfw, fate to black, or nsfw-inclusive roleplays. i'm just not here to write pure smut/kink! emphasis should be heavier on the plot/romance aspect.

→ i have almost no limits, to be honest, but adult/minor relationships, pregnancy, porn without plot, standard stuff (ex. scat, furry, unusual kinks), and heavy insect mentions are no-gos for me.

→ totally optional, but i love to use character sheets, references, pinterest boards, etc. i strongly dislike using set face claims for original characters (whether it be celebrity, model, anime, etc.) but that doesn't mean you can't do it, and i'm totally up for a pinterest board with a general idea of appearance.


i love any and all campy vampire/human and vampire/hunter plots, dark magical academia settings (esp. involving demons), and pretty much anything involving androids/ai. i also have an itch to try out some kind of human/elder eldritch god pairing? just hit me with those power imbalance tropes in general. other than those genres, you can try to pitch me anything supernatural-themed, but i probably won’t go for anything that’s not listed here. no slice of life for me, please. i don’t have any specific plot ideas & i’d love to develop one with you, but i’m also open to hearing any established plot ideas you have!


✧ detroit: become human (connor/gavin, gavin/rk900, connor/hank).
✧ persona 5 / 5r (akechi/akiren).
✧ carry on (simon snow/basilton).
✧ death note (light/L).
✧ nier: automata (2b/9s).
✧ fruits basket (kyo/tohru, yuki/tohru).
✧ fe:3h (claude/byleth).
✧ black butler (an oc/oc pairing?).

[ canon setting, canon divergence, and pure aus are all okay by me! i also love.... time travel tropes. i'm up to play either characters in all listed pairings! ]

contact me

discord: ava#3482

email: avahartv1(at)gmail.com

writing samples

one: idk i'll upload these later i'm.... lazy.